Mobile phones have become a part of our everyday lives, and most of us don’t tap into the full potential of our phones. Tech companies throughout the world are competing to provide us with the next best thing. This article will look at what those next best things are.

1. Enhancing Small Business

Most people have the common misconception that the mobile phone is for the everyday user, but in reality, more and more apps are being built for the mobile phone interface to improve productivity for small-scale businesses. Some major players in this field are Expensify and Quickbooks; these are essential financial accounting apps that can ease the burden of investment on a high-end financial system in start-ups and small-scale businesses. Mobile phones can be used in the working environment if the potential of it is realised, the notion of using a phone needs to be slowly changed to tap into the full potential of this market.

2. AR/VR

Augmented reality and virtual reality are taking the world by storm, due to the limitless opportunities that they provide by bringing man and machine much closer than ever before. Virtual reality is being used more in the entertainment aspect of the mobile interface, giving the user unparalleled experience. Augmented reality is being utilised by all the major tech players to make the user’s interaction with his or her environment even better, the level to which AR alters the functionality of the environment at this point is quite minimal, but the future looks bright in terms of equipping the user. The phone utilises the phone’s hardware sensors and camera to increase the overall operational and functional capacity of the mobile phone.

3. Internet of Things


Internet of Things has smitten almost every industry that has seen its potential. Internet of Things utilises the hardware and software capabilities of your smartphone and enhances the physical interactions experienced by the system. Your smartphone can be equipped with limitless possibilities, for example, housing security systems can be greatly improved by adding the ability to live stream doorstep videos on your smartphone, thereby giving you the power over whether you wish to let in the person standing outside the door. This is just one example of what internet of things could be capable of achieving in the years to come.

Advancement in mobile technologies is set to be the agenda for all the big players in the market if they wish to stay competitive. But the one big downside to such innovations can be the increasing costs of smartphones equipped with features that take the mobile phone experience beyond what people use it for these days.