The iPhone X which is to be called iPhone 10 is the latest mobile to be released in the iPhone series. And like its predecessors, the iPhone 10 not only contains the best features in the market but is also touted to be the best iPhone ever to have been released. This article explores three key features of the new iPhone 10 that is set to take the world by storm.

1. Display

The new OLED display is the first of its kind with over 2 million pixels that enhance the overall experience for the user. The screen runs from end to end meaning that moderately sized phone can now give you the same experience that a large phone does. The OLED display is extremely colourful and is one of the more stylish additions to the iPhone series. Most phones amp up the features without cover their basics, the iPhone 10, on the other hand, has designed the display screen keeping the user’s needs in mind.

2. Security

Facial recognition in phones isn’t something new; this feature is already present in Apple’s key competitor, Samsung. But Apple is adamant that their facial recognition system is far more advanced and have stated that the iPhone 10 utilised 3D-imagery to give that extra bit of security for your phones. If it I true that 3D-imagery is used for their facial recognition systems then apple is giving the iPhone 10 a whole new level of edge over their South Korean Rivals. 3D-imagery is advanced to a degree where professionally made masks cannot fool the system, thus setting your iPhone 10 apart from all other smartphones in the market.


3. Facial Mapping

Although this article already explored the concept of 3D-imagery powered facial recognition systems, the iPhone 10 has the added ability to map facial expressions on to an emoji, which can then be sent to loved ones. This feature will often be overlooked since to the naked eye this just seems like an added benefit of facial recognition. But in reality apple have cracked the facial mapping code, the animoji feature is the first step in making facial mapping part and parcel of the everyday user’s life. The animoji is the perfect blend of hardware and software interconnection to provide a bit of magic to the black and white mobile market. Apple’s animoji will be utilising the TrueDepth components that will be used in facial recognition for this feature, but Apple needs to be appreciated for being able to blend technological advancement with fun.

The iPhone 10 is going to be a huge investment but is touted to be the best smartphone ever produced. If iPhone 10 can overcome the challenges that have crippled the growth of its predecessor, this fun smartphone can rule the markets for not only the near future but also further beyond.